Akita Prefecture Info

The skies were dark with rain falling in all directions but not in the park where I was doing this one. I debated whether I should even start a drawing knowing that it would be close to a miracle to get a drawing in. People came up and asked how I could do a drawing in the rain, but I explained that it wasn't raining here. The rains finally did come but not until I was at this point - I was about 5 minutes from finishing, so this is what a drawing looks like 5 minutes before it is finished. I wasn't so fortunate the next trip back to this area as you can see in the next 2 drawings.
3:40-3:57 = August 19, 2004 - Canson black - 37cm

The summer lantern festival is huge, where they walk and dance around in the evenings with tens of lanterns balanced on poles. You think I would have learned from the Nishime drawing that the breaks in typhoon rains won't last. A few minutes after starting this drawing the rains started up again. I had slept in my car the night before
( or had tried to sleep ) Not too smart = sleeping near the ocean with a typhoon on its way. The winds shook the car fiercly and the storm was still 36 hours away.
4:10-4:36 = August 18, 2004 - MBM - 38cm

A Typhoon was headed right for here but not for another day or so I thought I could get this drawing in as there was a break in the rain. Not. As soon as I got the manhole dry and the drawing started the rain started back up. Since I had my big beach umbrella I thought I could keep it dry enough but the wind and rain soaked my paper. The paper I use doesn't take on color once wet. Well at least it has a different feel and look to my usual rubbings.
8:30-10:10 = August 22, 2004 - Canson - 50 x 67cm

This was done on a Sunday morning before church. It was right next to a highway, and the wind from a passing truck
lifted my shade umbrella out of its stand and it flew into a nearby rice field. I have a big beach umbrella that I use in the summer, as without it my color pencils melt and I wither as the asphalt gets very hot.
2:36-4:08 = August 22, 2004 - MBM - 41cm

After church, I made a deal with the pastor's young daughters. Whoever made the better looking manhole rubbing could eat ice cream. I let the girls go first. They were proud and confident as their drawing was finished and they were looking forward to their ice cream. However their smiles started disappearing as my drawing started coming up. I heard phrases like "uh-oh I don't think we
are going to eat any ice cream today." Of course I treated them to ice cream even though I thought my drawing was better. But judging art and is a difficult thing to do.
8:05-10:10 = August 24, 2004 - Mermaid - 38cm

I liked this design so much, I redid the same design ( now a few years later ) but it didn't turn out any better than the first time around.
11:35-12:50 = August 21, 2004 - Mermaid - 41cm

Similar to the Akita design, I wouldn't be surprised if they were designed by the same person. I drew this one behind a small shopping mall. A truck driver stopped by and said it was looking good.
11:25-12:40 = August 19, 2004 - MBM - 41 x 54cm

The next 5 rubbings were all drawn in the Selion Vista building which is like an arboretum, with rest and play areas. It is next to the ferry terminal . The floor is made up of thousands of wooden blocks so each area looks different, as obviously the grain of each wooden block varies from every other wooden block in the greenhouse.
6:55PM-7:55PM = August 18, 2004 - MBM - 42 x 54cm

This was a great place to get some drawings done as it was dry inside. With a typhoon coming, I had decided to spend the next few days here in Akita. I was able to get reservations in the local youth hostel for the next 2 nights so I only had to sleep one night in the car as they didn't have any vacancies the first night. The Youth Hostel here is one of the best in Japan and only \2,000 a night.(18 dollars)
5:10PM-7:00PM = August 19, 2004 - MBM - 42 x 55cm

Psychedelic swirls, sort of like the screen saver on the old Mac we use at the English school. It is a Performa 575 put out some time in the 1800's. About the only thing it can still do is play one English CD rom, but at least it is still running.. I paid too much for it, as that was my first computer back in 1999, and I had no idea what computers were worth..But the Brennans did throw in some training and stuff.. Thanks guys! Miss having you around!
9:15-11:15 = August@19, 2004 - MBM - 44 x 56cm

The old rugged cross, where our Savior shed his blood, and gave his life was not anywhere as smooth and peaceful as this cross but this drawing is a reminder of God not wanting anyone to perish but for all to accept his offer of eternal life.through Jesus Christ ,His only son.
12:00-6:30 = August 20, 2004 - ? - 72 x 100cm

This one was like an imaginary landscape. Japan has lots of mountains The paper wasn't very good for this drawing .I had brought just this one large sheet of paper as I hadn't started doing the larger manholes yet as the larger paper wouldn't' fit in my carrying case. In 2005 ,I thought up the idea of rolling up larger sheets in a large PVC pipe.