Aomori Prefecture Info
9:00PM-10:05PM = August 23, 2004 - MBM - 22x39cm

This one was drawn at night at a rest area, so it was very difficult to tell what color each pencil was. There was a street light but it wasn't very bright. Now there are very nice rest areas all over Japan so I often sleep in my car at rest areas. It is nice living in a safe country.
1:05-3:15 = August 25, 2004 - Canson olive green - 47cm

Great design. Though this was only the center of the manhole ,as at this time the paper I used wasn't big enough to fit entire large sized manholes. I had seen this design on the internet as there are sites where people take photos of manholes all over Japan. So I know where some of the cool designs are. However ,it is more enjoyable not knowing what a citiy's manhole is, and just driving to new cities, as then there is more anticipation and wonder. However, sometimes disappointment as some cities don't have any designs at all on their manholes !
11:50-1:00 = August 24, 2004 - Canson navy blue - 41cm

The name of this city is Owani which sounds like the Japanese word for alligator = wani , so they put an alligator as part of their design. He is holding a pair of skis ( they have ski resorts in Owani ) and making a peace sign (Japanese children almost always make the peace sign when you take their picture.)

A woman was shocked to see how nice this one turned out. She had walked by when I had just started this drawing, and then came back when I was just about finished. They usually look pretty bad for the first 30 minutes ( I am often tempted to give up thinking the drawing can't be saved .)and then the colors and design start coming together and I am more often than not pleased with the end product.

Can you tell what this is a design of? Some people have trouble figuring it out. In the middle of the manhole is the citiy's mark ,which looks like a backwards swastika, but is also the symbol for Buddhist temples. In Japan each city has a crest/mark/symbol . Most manholes have either the city's mark or the name of the city, or both, but a few like the dragon above have neither.
1:00-4:35 = August 22, 2002 - Mermaid - 16 x 32cm

This is a sketch of a Juniko pond = Aoike, which means blue pond. Most of the ponds have different colors so it is a beautiful area to hike around. The blue color of this pond is amazing and the dancing tree trunks are also nice.