Art Misc. Information
Bedroom at Arles

This one is a print from an etching . I am staying in Van Gogh's room. You can see my cd player and my camera bag and some clothes on the floor.
Bedroom at Arles

This one is a hand colored print. In 1991 I happened to see the 3 versions of Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles in museums in Chicago, Amsterdam and Paris, so I decided to do a tribute.
The Artist

This one was a self portrait after Van Gogh's Dr. Tanguy. In Van Gogh's work he put Japanese Ukioe prints in the background. In my piece, I put various Japanese works of mine behind me
The Artist

This is a hand colored version of the above print.

This was drawn at the Ashikaga Museum of art as they had paper and colors there that day for people to create art.

This is a water color/ acrylic painting..
Watashi mo Eigo wa Kaaru

This one is a drawing done for the cover of a childrens' English songs cd of mine.

This one was drawn at Yuai Kindergarten as the kids were doing drawings after lunch so I joined in and did one.

This one was seeing how ink and Coupy colors ( a Japanese type of crayon ) work together
This oil painting was done from a photo I took in 1982 of Higashi Kurume which is in western Tokyo. I was staying with the Meyers as I was doing a summer program with HI-B.A.. I did this painting at UTA for one of my classes
Acrylic painting. Done from a photo on Blanca Peak, Colorado. Our youth group and then college group took some trips with AWI backpacking/mountain climbing back in the late 70's early 80's. Melissa? Michelle , Dave and Jeff. Michelle wanted to call her father to pick her up in a helicopter as the trip was pretty hard.
Oil painting .Done from a photo of a Japanese fish market.
Oil painting from a photo of Kim at Crater Lake, Oregon
Oil painting from a still life of Japanese soft drink cans and a camera, on a board, on a mirror.