Christmas Art Information
What Will You Put At The Foot Of The Tree?
10 hours = Dec 1-10, 1997 - Mermaid - 22 x 31cm

This was drawn as a present for a Kiwi woman, but she refused to accept it. But that is how presents are ,we can freely choose to give or accept them. I almost tried to turn this one into a published Christmas card as it has a nice message and design to it. Christmas should be a time of worship and offering to Jesus Christ yet we often get caught up in materialism and other things.
4 1/2 hours = December 22, 1999 - Bamboo - 20 x 23cm

For a few years, I was teaching an art class, to mainly adults, at Wrapping World here in Ashikaga. I put a poinsettia on the floor and started drawing. Last year I had drawn the bird's eye view of a Christmas tree from my imagination, so
this one was a natural follow up. These two have that rounded composition to them, sort of like most manholes.
9:45 -12:10PM = December 8, 1998 - Daimei - 19 x 20cm

Can you tell what this one is? It should be easy as you have the context . But when I show this to someone all by itself and ask what it is only about 1 in 30 can guess what it is.
They usually guess a shell, an island, or a pizza.