Gifu Prefecture Information
12:10 - 2:45 = April 6, 2005 - Canson - 48 x 70cm

Design with heart swan in the middle.
3:30 -4:40 = March 30, 2005 - MBM - 23cm

There were actually some snow flurries while I was doing this one so you know I wasn't too warm. I didn't have enough time to do the design manhole this day so I did this generic valve manhole and came back the next morning for the next picture. There was supposed to be a Youth Hostel here but it had closed down and I was surprised there weren't any cheap inns
so I drove back to Takayama to stay in that Youth hostel which is at a Buddhist temple.
9:30 - 10:40 = March 31, 2005 - MBM - 35cm

I had seen this design on the internet and liked it so I went there just to do the art. I started out just doing the nicer designs but have since decided to do all of the designs. I am guessing there are about 5,000 designs in Japan so I might not be able to do all of them but maybe at least a few in each prefecture. There are about 50 prefectures in Japan.
Irises and carp.
3:57 - 4:57 = August 11, 2006 - ? - 34cm

The sketchbook didn't have the name of the company on it so I am not sure what kind of paper it is. The paper isn't very good so I don't blame them for not putting their name on it. Azaleas
9:45 - 12:45 = August 25, 1997 - Daimei - 18 x 20cm

Old style Japanese housing, especially for in the snowy areas. These are very tall/large houses. Sort of hard to tell the perspective but they are about 4 stories high. There is a village of these houses that is a World Heritage Site. One of these houses was a Youth Hostel but I am not sure if it is still going as some of the Youth Hostels are closing down as Japanese people seldom use them anymore.
11:37 -1:57 = February 10, 2007 - Watson - 63cm

Local pottery. I did this one before a retreat we had at a Catholic retreat center in Tajimi. There was a bat on the wall in our cabin.
1:29 - 3:39 = February 11, 2007 - Watson off white - 65cm

This was done on the way home from the retreat.. More pottery and what do you call those blue flowers in English?