Minnesota Information
4:40 - 6:45 = August 14, 2005 - Watson off white - 70cm

This was done near Bethlehem Covenant church. I couldn't find this manhole on a sidewalk or at the side of a street so I did this drawing in an intersection. One car stopped and said they wanted to see what I was doing that was worth dying for. This one reminds me of sailing with my cousin Jon on Turtle Lake. We tipped over at least once.
10:30 - 12:10 = August 15 , 2005 - Watson off white - 72cm

Downtown Minneapolis is a manhole lover's dream as there are at least 8 different designs and I think more like 15 or 20. It took a long time just to decide which one to do. Security came out and told me I couldn't do art there but I told them I was almost finished. Maybe not completely honest as that is what I say all over the world no matter how long I still have to go before finishing. Squirrel and pine tree.
Minnehaha Falls
3:30 - 5:50 = August 21, 2003 - Mermaid - 31 x 44cm

This is a nice park near the Mississippi River. While doing this one some Japanese kids walked by. They were surprised when I started speaking Japanese to them.
Lake Superior - North Shore
2 hours = August 2, 1999 - 12 x 18cm

My Aunt's Evie and Marge took me on a wonderful trip to the North Shore. We stayed at their friends' condo in Lutzen and this is the view from the shore there.