Miyagi Prefecture Information
8:30 - 1:00 = August 29, 2002 - Mermaid - 41cm

I had taken my things out of the car and cleaned the manhole off and then decided it was too hot to do a drawing .(This was before I had bought a shade umbrella) Then before I could pack back up ,a woman brought me a cold drink so I had to do the drawing as I would feel wrong to accept the drink and then just walk away. So thanks to her we have this drawing, though it was almost my last as it was a scorcher.
8:30 - 12:10 = August 14, 2002 - Mermaid - 40cm

A whale with a scope ( What do you call that thing he is holding?) I drew this before taking the ferry out to Kinkazan island. The island has lots of monkeys and deer. This area used to be famous for whaling.
11:10 - 1:10 = August 28, 2004 - MBM - 42cm

Scuba diving and snorkeling has given me the chance to see lots of fish in various environments- lakes, rivers,
and oceans. Such a beautiful experience. Fortunately a local came by and told me what kind of fish they have in the area rivers.
6:50 - 9:35 = August 28, 2004 - MBM - 41cm

I thought this was a dolphin playing with a ball and then figured out it was an ancient (dinosaur) dolphin eating some sea creature.
7:45 - 9:50 = May 2, 2004 - Canson - 45cm

Some type of trees or vegetation. I did this one before church. I go back and forth on whether I should be drawing on Sundays. What does it mean to keep the Sabbath?
1:35 - 4:30 = August 15, 2002 - Mermaid - 32cm

Frogs and leaves.
11:20 - 1:40 = August 13, 2002 - Bamboo - 18 x21cm

Matsushima means pine islands. This area is swarming with small islands covered with pines and some nice hiking and swimming. Watch out for the poison ivy.
Sendai - Tanabata Festival
3:15 - 4:45 = August 6, 1997 - Daimei - 18 x 21cm

Tanabata is the July 7th Star festival. Some cities celebrate with this type of decorations. They used to make them out of paper , nowadays mostly plastic..
Sendai has one of the countryfs largest Tanabata festivals around the first week in August. This was an older neighborhood ( Minami Kajimachi ) with a Japanese style warehouse behind the decorations..