Nagano Prefecture 2 Information
11:55 - 1:13 = August 10, 2004 - Mermaid - 35cm

I think this flower is supposed to be yellow but I thought it would look nice as a blue one.
10:25 - 12:00 = September 16, 2006 - Mermaid - 43cm

Done next to an artists house. He came out for a while. It started sprinkling so I had to fish this one in a hurry. Bug similar to a cricket and Azaleas.

Some Japanese girls with traditonal clothes and temari which are knitted balls. This one was done at a tourist site so many people came by while I was doing this one.
12:40 - 2:50 = August 22, 1997 - Daimei - 19 x 22.5cm

I always enjoy seeing the castles around Japan. This sketch turned out well considdering all the details though it is a little tilted and distorted. But that is why sketches have a more artistic feel than photos.
about an hour Fall 2004 - MBM - 40 x 41cm
4:35-5:35 = March 29, 2005 - MBM - 38 x 41cm

A generic design near the church I usually attend when in Matsumoto.
about an hour Fall 2004 - MBM - 29 x 40cm

This one was done in an apartment parking lot. Usually the drawings of manholes without designs have more of an artistic feel to them.
10:51-12:06 = April17, 2006 - MBM - 34cm

This is a nice little village up in the mountains near Karuizawa which is a resort town ; nice and cool in the summer and the fall colors are beautiful here. However I think the mountain above the city is an active volcano.
4:19-5:59 = May 3, 2007 - Canson - 45cm

I don't like this design as it is much too busy. They tried to get too many things in one design. When I started out doing manholes I would pass by cities whose designs I didn't like. I have since decided that no design is too bad to do, so I am trying to do all of the designs in Japan.
Nakano ( Kusama )
1:11-4:01 = Aug. 28, 2006 - Mermaid warm gray - 46cm

A nice woman brought me a glass of iced tea while I was doing this one. Many people drink iced coffee but iced tea is a little rare. Apple or cherry blossoms .
12:15-1:55 = March 29, 200 5- Mermaid gray - 47 x 70cm

This one has APPLE TOWN written towards the bottom. It is interesting that some Japanese cities have some English on their manholes. Many people study English in Japan but not many people use it. Apple blossoms.
1:36-4:01 = Nov. 18, 2006 - Watson off white - 63cm

A family brought me some traditional Japanese sweets and another man brought me a can of hot coffee while doing this one. I showed a local family this home page after doing this drawing..
Nozawa Onsen
6:36-9:36AM = Aug. 26, 2006 - Watson off white - 68cm

They had the ski jumping in this city back in 1998 at the Nagano Olympics. I went up to Nagano for a few days during the Olympics. Great experience. A few friends also went with me to the Special Olympics but there were no tickets available for any event. The scalpers couldn't even find any tickets to scalp.
Nozawa Onsen
2:02 - 4:32 = August 2, 2007 - Watson - 69cm

A hot summer day: at least I could hear kids playing in a nearby pool. The bird with wheels is a local toy. Rape flowers.