Nagano Prefecture 3 Information
11:40- 1:05 = Aug. 7, 2004 - MBM - 42cm

Nice simple design. Right next to Lake Suwa. Azaleas.
7:24- 10:29 = Aug. 9, 2006 - Watson off white - 69cm

I was happy to find a very wide road to be able to do this drawing as the roads are generally narrow in small villages. However a grumpy old man came by and said " You foreigners are always in the way causing problems." After that a few nice men came by with construction horses for me to put up warning that I was there doing a drawing. It was amazing the difference in attitudes. It was like comparing heaven and hell The first man being a demon and the others angels. Cherry Blossoms.
2:32-3:55 = Oct. 23, 2006 - Canson - 42cm

I had to rush this one as I had to drive back to be at work .Apples ,grapes and roses: not very many of the citiies put roses on their manholes.
2:55-4:20 = Aug. 17, 2006 - Mermaid cloud blue - 40cm

It started raining so I had to end this one early. Cosmos.
6:40-8:00AM = Aug. 6, 2004 - Mermaid gray - 43cm

Great design. Sort of like an old coin. Those are like Ninja.
3:35-5:48 = April 15, 2006 - Watson - 69cm

Nice design. Azalaes and cherry blossoms. Done in the parking lot of a public bath.
11:51-1:51 = April 15, 2006 - Watson - 55cm

I think this is supposed to be cherry blossoms..
4:14 - 6:44 = August 13, 2006 - Watson - 66cm

Mammoth and cosmos. I came back the next day and put the paper back down and drew another 10 or 15 minutes as it still needed some work.
8:34-11:34 + 12:58-2:23 = August 27, 2006 - Watson - 66cm

I thought I had figured out how to beat the rain. When it started raining I drove my car over the drawing so that it wouldn't get wet, and continued drawing under my car when it started dripping down on the paper from underneath the car..
8:53 - 11:38 = May 4, 2007 - Watson - 63cm

This was done in a parking lot . A construction worker/handyman had told me where I could find this manhole cover. As far as I know it is the only one but surely they made more than one.
2:35 - 4:50 = May 4, 2007 - Watson off white - 63cm

Rice harvesting sickles, rice fields and rice at harvest time.
Lake Nojiri
9:15 - 12:10 = August 15, 2006 - ? -20 x 36cm

Tim and Andrea Johnson have a cabin at this lake and they have been generous enough to let me stay there at various times So I have been able to do many drawings in this part of Japan. Thanks Tim and Andrea!!!