Nagano Prefecture 1 Information
12:46 - 3:16 = Feb.18, 2006 - Canson - 42cm

This one was drawn on a very cold winter day. It was about freezing which might not seem that cold but when you are just kneeling and drawing for a few hours you feel the temperature.
3:11 - 6:06 = August 10, 2006 - Watson - 64cm

This is a kappa which is a Japanese folklore character. He is standing near a famous bridge in Kamikouchi which is a very beautiful area high in the Japan Alps.
11:20 - 1:30 = August 10, 2006 - Canson - 42cm

One man stopped his car and liked my drawing so he went and bought me a coke.
Fujisato - Shinano
9:15 - 11:55 = September 22, 2007 - Watsom - 65cm

A nice area near lake Nojiri. You can see Mt. Myoko (?) in the background. Lots of rice fields in this area
4:40 -6:10 = May 4, 2005 - Mermaid warm gray- 42cm

Just as I was finishing this one and elderly woman came by and took me around to where some of these flowers were growing. The real flowers were a light purple not so pink. I wish she had come by earlier.
10:48-12:43 = May6, 2006 - Mermaid light green - 42cm

This one has a very nice simple design.
11:11 - 12:51 = May 5, 2005 - Mermaid turquoise - 41cm

I drove around for a while before finding this one as they only had larger sized ones. It was this month that I decided I would have to find some larger paper and a way to carry the larger paper. I found some large PVC pipe at a hardware store in which I can roll up large sheets of paper.
4:25-6:15 = August 25, 2006 - Canson -42cm

I drove and walked around for a while before finding a place in this city which was suitable for doing a drawing. Some cities only have manholes in the middle of streets.I had to rush this one as it was getting dark..They don't have daylight savings in Japan. I wish they did!
2:29 - 5:14 = August 1, 2007 - Watson - 65cm

I was a little surprised to find a Pepto Bismal colored bridge here in Japan. The design is a little unusual in that the center circle isn't centered vertically. Camelias. Daisuke and Sachina watched me do this one. Hi!
2:05 - 3:00 = October 22, 2006 - MBM - 26cm

Peaches and apples.
10:06 - 11:51 = Sept. 24, 2007 - Canson cloud blue - 44cm

Across the river from Togura where the Robbins family pastor a church. Thanks for taking care of me.
8:21 - 11:36 = August 2, 2007 - Watson off white - 65cm

A nice little village on the side of a mountain.