Niigata Prefecture 2 Information
1:45 - 2:55 = August 14, 2004 - Canson Navy blue - 42cm

Large snowflake.
3:45 - 4:50 = August 14, 2004 - MBM - 41cm

Watermelon, flowers, and mountains. It started raining during the drawing and I tried to keep the drawing dry so I could continue on it, but that was easier said than done , even with my beach umbrella.
1:35 - 2:55 = August 15, 2004 - Canson dark green - 43cm

This area is famous for the colored Japanese carp. Many of them died in the large Niigata earthquake in 2005. This manhole was near a grassy park . Grass is a rarity in Japan so it was nice just to lie down on the grass after completing this one and watching the clouds.
8:30 - 10:15 = August 15, 2004 - MBM - 42cm

This one was done before a Sunday worship service. It took longer than expected so I had to hurry to find a church. When in a strange city, I usually go to a convenience store or police box to ask where a Christian church is.. I remember one Sunday asking an old man if there was a church in his town and he replied " There is a church down this street but it is probably closed because today is Sunday." That gives you an idea of how little is known about churches andChristianity in Japan.
8:48 - 10:03 = August 4, 2006 - Mermaid peach - 42cm

Golf ,tennis ,and skiing. This is a nice resort area up in the mountains. I think the tunnel on the expressway to get here is 16 kilometers (10 miles) long.
8:36 - 11:46 = August 5, 2006 - Watson off white - 63cm

Sunflowers and pine tree. There was another design in this city of tools, like wrenches and screw drivers as this area is known for its people who can fix things, so I debated which to do. I figured this one was more peaceful.
4:07 - 6:37 = August 4, 2006 - Watson off white - 68cm

These are temari - Japanese decorations
5:22 - 6:32 = August 5, 2006 = Mermaid spring green - 41cm

2:34 - 4:04 = August 26, 2006 - Canson - 42cm

Sasagawa Nagare
5:00 - 6:00 = August 2, 1996 - Daimei - 16 x 23cm

This is a beautiful area with many rock formations along the coast. You can see Awashima (Awa island) in the background. This area is nice for swimming and for watching the sun set over the ocean.
Sasagawa Nagare
5:30 - 6:40 = August 16, 2004 - MBM - 27 x 58cm

This one was done by doing a rubbing of a wooden sign there.
3:50 - 5:20 = August 6, 2006 - Mermaid = aqua blue - 41 cm
I was able to stay at Murakami Church. Thanks ,as the next day I was taking a ferry out to Awashima island from Murakami
9:26 - 12:01 = August 3, 2007 - Watson - 65cm

I drew this one near a ramen shop. They first tried to shoo me away but then let me stay. Thanks. This was near a main highway so you could see many container trucks bringing in supplies to earthquake victims further up the coast. They had just had an earthquake in the Kashiwazaki area. They had built a nuclear power plant there-one of the world's largest- in an area with lots of seismic activity.