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Most of the animal pictures were taken at the Avilon zoo not too far from Manilla.
A Good friend Bruce Myers went along to help out , see Audie and the Philippines. He is making ballon sculptures for Sunday school kids here. All the Philippine picture were taken on his camera. I didn't bring mine for several reasons. I figured I could just borrow Bruces every once in a while which is what I did.
We spent 2 days at Matabungkay Beach Resort. This was their swimming pool. Thanks Ann for helping with Akane and Ikumi.
Joel and his family were gracious enough to let Akane and Ikumi do a home stay with them the whole time we were in Manilla.
They even had ice skating at some of the malls.
typical street scene
local store
Audie's brother Edwin guided us around a few days. Thanks.
We went to the kids museum near the US embassy. We were wondering why the traffic was at a snails pace when we heard on the radio that there was a major busjacking up ahead.
We were hoping to catch a sunset cruise but arrived about 2 minutes too late. Joel was thinking they would run on Philippino time (late) but he was wrong.
We got to see a beautiful sunset from along the water.
inside a volcano on the main islan in Tal Lake.
We rode horses up the volcano.
Edwin near the top of the volcano.
Tal Lake and volcano
Joel's wife and children. The Japanes girls were supposed to go to the daughter's graduation ceremony but refused to go as they would have to wear a dress/ skirt to attend.
Bruce, Akane and Ikumi riding in a jeepney.
Their biggest smiles came with this snake
You could pay a dollar or 2 and get pictures with some animals.
I didn't trust that snake.
We visited an orphanage.
Joel's family at the beach.
The beach at our hotel
We drove back by Tal lake on the way back from the resort.
The neighborhood near Audie's house
Thanks Audie for planning things and helping us.
typical small neighborhood street
Some guys were singing in the neighborhood. I borrowed their guitar and sang a few songs.