Artist's Profile

This is the Carl Garrity that was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and grew up in Ft.Worth, Texas. I graduated
from Southwest High School in 1980 and then attended
the University of Texas at Arlington where I got my BA in art/art education. At that time I concentrated in oil
painting ,but now I do lots of drawings with color pencils and some photography .Since about 2002, I have mainly been doing manhole cover rubbings. I have been living in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan ,as an English teacher, since college. I am a member of the Ashikaga Artist's Circle and often show my work with them and in local personal exhibitions. I enjoy teaching, doing art, traveling, playing the guitar, singing and worshiping, and doing anything that brings honor and glory to my Savior, the Author of life-Jesus Christ. May God Almighty be praised, and His Spirit lead us into all truth.