Shizuoka Prefecture Information
30 minutes = fall 2002 - Bamboo - 22 x 26cm

This was done at an emergency area of the Tomei expressway while I was waiting for a tow truck. My car engine had exploded while I was driving. Fortunately I was in the outer lane and could pull over without further incident.
45 minutes = Fall 2002 - Bamboo - 20 x 30cm

This was done the same day as above as I was waiting for a restaurant to open for lunch I did this on theircovered porch as it was raining.
12:10 - 1:40 = March 27, 2003 - Mermaid - 35cm

I had gone out to this island near the Izu peninsula with the Inamuras. They are a wonderful family who have helped and looked after me since arriving in Ashikaga. I think the mark on the manhole is of a hot spring.