Switzerland Information
11:00 - 11:25 = August 28, 1998 - Bamboo - 10 x 21cm

Seiichi and I had taken the trains up the mountain to the highest train station in the world. walking around up in the snow is awesome. I only had a few minutes to do a sketch of the glacier as we had to go back down the mountain as I hadn't put much money in the parking meter. That was a mistake as we should have taken our time instead of rushing back.
3 hours = April 25,1999 - ? - 10 x 20cm

I drew this at Isamu's house from a photo I had taken in 1998. Such a beautiful city. The covered bridge over the lake is fantastic.
2:37 - 3:32 = Aug. 20, 2007 - Watson off white - 38 x 38cm

Nice to find an octogon shaped one on a stone street near a church.
7:00 - 7:30 = August 23, 2007 - ? - 24cm

This one was done before a Stomp concert. An interesting looking man came by and looked at what I was doing, 40 minutes later I realised he was the lead actor /percussionist for Stomp. It would have been nice to have him sign the work while I was doing it. I have thought about letting anyone who comes by sign the works but so far I just let them sign on the side of the paper-not on the drawings.
I was surprised to see this manhole with a G for Garrity on it.