Yamanashi Prefecture Info
1:21 - 3:26 = Nov. 3, 2006 - Mermaid Gray - 42cm

I did these first 4 pictures while attending the Tokyo Baptist Church Fall Retreat in 2006 which was held at the YMCA center there. On several occasions we could see Mount Fuji across Yamanaka Lake
2:31-4:46 = Nov. 4, 2006 - Watson - 65cm

Hi Miyuki and Ayumi.
12:37 - 3:50 = Nov 5, 2006 - Watson - 69cm

Etsuko ,Mayo, and Tokio came by while I was doing this drawing. Thanks for the sweets.
9:00 - 12:20 = Nov. 6, 2006 - Watson OW - 66cm

A motorcycle policeman came by while I was doing this one so I was a little worried that he would try to stop me but he just said to be careful. Thanks. As you might imagine this area is covered with vineyards so I was able to eat some nice grapes and taste some local wine.